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IDEA Consultants AS has a very close cooperation with our independent sister company IDEA Engineering AS. We call this cooperation IDEA Group, a term which indicates a link between the two companies. IDEA Group is therefore not a company, but a definition.
The roles of the two companies are as follows:


IDEA Consultants AS

IDEA Consultants AS employs consultants who are often working at client's location (”On site”) or who are working on projects in our own offices in Norway or Denmark (”in house”). Most of our consultants are B.Sc. in mechanical engineering with many years of working experience, typically 5-25 years of relevant working experience.
For further information as to what we can offer, please see “What does IDEA offer?



IDEA PDM is a part of IDEA Consultants AS, but managed as an independent unit within our organization.
IDEA PDM offer PDM/PLM support and services within: System Management, Administration and support of your PDM installation, Optimization of your configuration, A PDM/PLM sparring partner at all levels, CAD integration etc.
For further information please contact:
Henrik Andersen
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: (+45) 40 82 82 18


IDEA Graphic

IDEA Graphic is a part of IDEA Consultants AS, but managed as an independent unit within our organization.
IDEA Graphic offer a wide range of graphic jobs and projects.
For further information of IDEA Graphic please see www.idea-gra.com.


IDEA Engineering AS

IDEA Engineering AS specializes in analysis, and in structure- and strength calculations.
The employees are mostly working in our office in Stathelle, Norway. They are generally civil engineers with many years of relevant working experience.
IDEA Engineering AS has approx. 15 employees.
For further information about the cooperation between IDEATEAM and IDEA Engineering AS, please see www.ideateam.no

This cooperation gives us the necessary flexibility and combined experience to engage in our present and future clients’ projects.
For further information on “in house” projects, please see ”In house”.