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CV Generator

In order to be listed in our candidate base, you must fill in your CV in our CV Generator. All text must be written in English, as most of our customers want this. You will receive guidance and help in the CV Generator, when you fill in your CV.

Depending on the amount of jobs, educations, courses and so on, you must expect to use 20-50 min.


There are 4 steps in the CV Generator. When you have completed all steps, you will receive an E-mail with your personal username and password and you can now log on, update your data and job requirements regularly. You can login by press the "Login" button, which is placed up in the left corner of this webpage.


All information, which IDEA Consultants AS receives from you, is confidential and will not be shared with customers or other parties until we have received a clear acceptance from you.


Your data will be used for finding the right job for you and as soon as we have a perfect match we will contact you to hear if you are interested in this particular job.


If your profession is not mentioned in the ”Work Areas”, you can use the category ”Basic CV”.


Please contact us if you have any problems, or if you have questions when using the CV Generator. We would also very much like to hear from you, if you think that the CV Generator does not give you enough possibilities, when filling in your CV or if you find any errors in the system.


We wish you good luck with your CV and we hope, that we will be able to offer you a perfect match very soon.